Thank you for reaching out and connecting with us. We want  your first experience to be the beginning of living in the moment and looking forward to being part of Our Events.

We create experiences  that integrate fun, breath and child-like curiosity.

When you come to one of Our Events we will carry you away into an experience of self, light and love. We use music to allow your body and mind to meet and your breath to bring you alive to Soul & with hope your higher purpose.

Our Location has been created with its high ceilings and American Oak floors to feel like home.  You can take your shoes off, chill on the patio, watch a movie or sign up for a Yoga, Pilates or strength Event.

If you are a Corporate we encourage you to bring your colleagues and create a wellness moment to take the team to the next level of the project, decision making or maybe to rejuvenate because you have been under the pump.

We look forward to sharing time and hope you schedule a walkthrough and a luncheon on patio expression which is part of Our Learn&Grow Exposure program. It will teach you what we do, show you how it feels and give you an opportunity to be part of events going forward.

Yours in Love&Light


Founder & EventDirector