KOIKIDS (not-for-profit)

changing a generation of indigenous Kidz
if you want to see real peace in this world, train the children

KOIKidz was set up in 2010 with the Soul purpose of changing a generation of Indigenous Children .

We believe the children are Our hope for the future and to ensure they have a 360degree experience we needed to implement a full-service program taking them from 7 to school leaver and integrating into the workforce.

Koikids Founder and creator believed by going directly into communities and creating long lasting relationships within schools, education facilities and allied & health professionals, the children who might be at risk of not having an amazing life will have a greater opportunity to turn theirs and their next generations lives around with the full-team support.

Specifically, Koikidz is targeting indigenous communities native to Australia. Aboriginal communities are the most marginalised per capita in the world with the title of the “lost generation’ over them as a community it became prevalent that this was a stronger place to start when augmenting Purpose Driven Change in the next generation.

What does this look like?

  •  Coming alongside students with a passion to make a difference in their lives
    partnering with private enterprise and government to implement processes and policies that engage with the community chosen and create strong boundaries and protocols to be followed over decades.
  • We believe it takes a village to raise a child, so we have aligned with local communties, businesses, government at a suburban level and with private enterprise at a state level to ensure Our Kids get the opportunity to have new choices.

The Founders Vision was to see more indigenous students at University and finding Jobs in Financial Services to create a new generation that become white collar, are taught systems and processes to ensure they are able to work, save, apply for mortgages, travel and change the perception in the market so their was empowerment amongst the next generation of a self-sufficient mind-set.

The Founder wanted to create a strong protocol so a pathway to reconciliation was strong, implemented with follow-through and spoke loudly to the community.